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In the Northeast, there is nothing like spring and summer, and backyard decks offer a wonderful setting for sharing the wonderful weather with loved ones. Medallion has the knowledge and imagination to enhance the beauty of your property and raise its market value if you’d want to add a beautifully designed deck to it. Decks built by our qualified experts look fantastic and last for many years.

Our specialists have more than 25 years of experience in the home renovation industry, and we’re dedicated to constructing a deck in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C., that you’ll be happy to display. You play a key role in the Medallion process since we collaborate with you throughout the design and building phases to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. With little to no interference in your daily life, we are dedicated to make the procedure convenient and enjoyable.

Benefits of Building a Deck

You Can Enjoy Outdoor Activities
  • If you add a deck to your house, it will become the ideal location for the family BBQ and meeting. In this manner, your house will develop into a location where the entire family may congregate for various occasions, such as birthdays and mini wedding celebrations. Similar to that, it can be used as a place outside in the summer when you wish to sit in the sweltering heat of the sun. With the ideal deck in your possession, the party will be fantastic, especially if you have plans to have an incredible get-together with your pals. If your home has a deck, you may invite more guests without worrying about running out of room.
Enhances the Exterior Aesthetics of Your Home
  • Your deck may enhance the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of your house, whether you choose a natural wood finish or a composite one.

  • Decks are available in a range of colors and materials. You can probably paint or stain the deck to match the style of your home given the variety of design options. For instance, a lot of homeowners would coordinate the color of their window shutters with the color of their deck. You may create an outside design that looks both natural and beautiful by coordinating the design of your deck with the exterior of your home.
Having a Deck Increases Your Property Value
  • Now is the ideal time to start working on raising the value of your home if you want to list it for sale in a few months. A deck can increase the value of your home in addition to giving it a distinctive appearance. Even if your property is really outdated and lacks a modern appearance, adding a deck will be the finest move. Not to mention that a prospective buyer will view it as adding value to the house.
Your home will have more space after installing a deck.
  • As mentioned, adding a deck might help you make additional room in your home. A deck, for instance, may easily accommodate outdoor chairs or a dining set if you have plans to include them. If you create a deck for your house, you might not need to spend money on expensive summer getaways. Within the confines of your home, a pool, outside seating area, and campfire setup will produce a wonderful atmosphere.

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